CudaConnect is for All Email-Borne Threats

CudaConnect Email Security is the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to protect your business against all of the threats associated with corporate business email. In a single solution, you get effective protection against:

  • Spam
  • Email-borne viruses
  • Email-based malware
  • Data leaks
  • Phishing emails
  • Undelivered emails
  • Unsecured emails
  • Denial of Service attacks
  • Network Denial of Service Protection
  • Rate Control
  • IP Reputation Analysis
  • Sender Authentication
  • Recipient Verification
  • Virus Scanning
  • Policy (User-specified rules)
  • Spam Fingerprint Check
  • Intent Analysis
  • Image Analysis
  • Bayesian Analysis
  • Rule-based Scoring
  • Cloud-based Spam Protection (no required hardware, software or client plug-ins)
  • Intuitive end user experience with seamless access using PUSH method to any Mail Server.
  • Mail Bagging Features allows you to HOLD Emails in the event if your Mail Server or Internet Link is down.
  • Reduces the management burden for IT with rapid deployment and automatic upgrades and support
  • Improve server performance and shrink spam filtering and virus scanning being done on cloud and only clean emails will be pushed to your mail server.
  • Access to world class knowledgeable staff.


Cloud Spam Filtering
Number Of Mailboxes 1-10
Tenure 1
Price Per Mailbox $0
$0 / mo  Total 

Number Of Mailboxes


  • Email Spooling & Bagging Service

    In the event of email server disruptions or if your mail server is down or unavailable for any reason, the CudaConnect Email Security Service ensures that email can still be delivered even during email server failures or loss of connectivity Your important emails can be spooled in the CudaConnect Cloud Protection Layer for up to 96 hours.

  • Secondary Mail Server Routing

    An alternate destination can also be specified for delivery, if delivery to the primary destination fails. During email server outages, the email for all mail servers is visible through the Cloud Protection Layer. From the message log, you can see the status of all spooled emails, and whether mail has been re-delivered.

  • Denial of Service

    Although DoS attacks are not a recent phenomenon, the methods and resources available to conduct and mask such attacks have dramatically evolved to include distributed (DDoS) and, more recently, distributed reflector (DRDoS) attacks that simply cannot be addressed by traditional on-premise solutions.

  • Live Updates

    CudaConnect Cloud are supported by Barracuda Central, a 24x7 advanced security operations center that works continuously to monitor and block the latest Internet threats. Barracuda Central collects data from more than 150,000 collection points worldwide and analyzes it to develop defenses, rules, and signatures.

  • Spam Protection

    CudaConnect Cloud Spam Solution uses multiple anti-spam filters that combine Sonic Spam Engine, Barracuda Firewalls Device supporting features like greylisting, IP reputation filtering, Bayesian filtering, and other advanced technologies to provide a spam capture rate of more than 99% and minimal false-positives, ensuring the safe delivery of important emails.

  • Virus Protection

    CudaConnect Email Security Service scans email and incoming files using three powerful layers of virus scanning technology. Powerful virus definitions are automatically provides most up-to-date protection against email-borne viruses and threats.

  • Prompt Support

    In addition to helping you with any issues, you can CALL US during business hours and speak to a LIVE person!

  • Online Reports

    You can have access to your Live Reports and to our Firewall and Spam Device.

  • TLS-EnabledD

    The CudaConnect Mail system supports TLS (Transport Layer Security) encrypted email.