Thobson Innovation Center are open to students, professional software developers, IT professionals, entrepreneurs and academic researchers offering them a comprehensive set of programs and servies to foster innovation and grow sustainable local software economy. Primary areas of focus include:

Product Testing

TRIC offers technical and business testing of software products targeting platform compatibility and capacity. Tests are executed in conjunction with customer’s IT team.

Prototype Development & POC

TRIC offer a fast way to trial new product/solution concepts, architecture models or new technologies by executing a proof of concept with your company. The final goal is to create a prototype that can apply the technologies/architecture scenarios while addressing a technical challenge from your product, providing knowledge transfer for your team.

Prototype development duration varies per technology or technical challenge; going from 5 days up to 2 weeks or more; and it is a fast and effective way to observe new technology on your projects.

Role Based Training Programs

Recognizing a compelling need for high-quality manpower, Role Based Training Programs executed by TRIC in cooperation with the Technology Department to match with the local companies and market demands to train them on a the industry’s vertical and role for example, Network Administrator, Mail Administrator which covers all the available technology and solutions used by the local markets.

Technical Skill Development

Is a key activity executed by all TRIC. The sessions offered by the TRIC usually cover newer technologies in short duration sessions in a hands-on experience.

Executive BootCamp

A program designed for executives from the Corporate Segments to discuss technology trends, business models and get trained on specific technologies scenarios to support business decision making.

Solution Deployment Workshops

Are the technical training sessions designed for IT Professionals targeting specific infrastructure technologies scenarios, covering the deployment techniques and tricks. Different from a standard training, this activity have a mix of demonstrating different deployment scenarios, testing and training.

Competence and POC Center

Is designed to demonstrate depth technical activities for corporate customers and individual where the TRIC demonstrate complete scenarios of Solutions & Technologies. The POC Center can be horizontal (Cloud technologies, business intelligence, unified communications, Mail Routing and Redundancy etc) or vertical by industry (healthcare, education, government, oil & gas, etc). The key differentiator of competence center is the complete scope of the chosen scenario, covering not only basic demo but also deep technical training for the participants to be able to deploy the same independently.